Monday, January 26, 2015

Picture an hour (ish) | LONDON

5:00 am 
Ridiculously early flights mean coffee is a necessity. 
Bonus points for the barista spelling my name correctly.

6:00 am
The long walk to my gate was made barable by the blue lighting and this cover of Sugar by Maroon 5.

7:00 am
Seeing the sun rise from above the clouds - I mean is a caption necessary?
8:00 am
Yup. I have arrived in England. Hey Queeney! 

12:00 pm
So due to problems with trains I ended travelling all over London before finally arriving at my friends apartment about two hours late. She made pancakes though, so I managed to push past the breakdown that had been brewing. 
 1:00 pm
Battersea coffee shops are always delightful. Couldn't help popping in for a little pick me up. We managed to contain our urge to buy each of these yummies - but I will definitely be dropping back in before I leave. 
 2:00 pm
While wandering around Brick Lane we popped into a vintage store or two. Maybe three/four. Okay we went into every single vintage store and don't regret a second of it. 
 3:00 pm 
Some cool graffiti that I couldn't help photographing. You don't see stuff like this at home. 
 4:00 pm 
More graffiti. It's just really impressive okay? 
5:00 pm 
After strolling around every single food stall - there were A LOT! We decided on chinese. I was close to hangry mode at this point so sweet & sour chicken went down a treat.
 6:00 pm 
Okay more graffiti. But come on. Can you blame me? 

 7:00 pm 
As the markets packed up we continued to stroll around, the atmosphere still buzzing. 
 8:00 pm 
Restaurants and bars were surprisingly buzzing for a Sunday night, we  tried for about an hour to find a place to have a drink with no avail. 

 9:00 pm 
Home time as I began to fade, the toll of the day finally catching up with me. 
10:00 pm 
Back in the slightly freezing apartment. But happy. Showers and face masks were the activity of the night followed by a chick flick movie. 

*There will definitely be another post on my London adventures as I'm here for a week, so keep your peepers out for that. 

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