Monday, February 23, 2015

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Yes it is almost a month since I came home from my London trip - but we are just going to skim past that little fact and blame it on hectic college schedules and reading lists as long as my arm. 

I've done the whole touristy London trip about five times now, so this visit was much more relaxed. Days were spent sauntering from cafes to shops - eating our way around the city basically. Nights were either spent eating or watching movies - more often than not both. 

As Jessica was sometimes working, I was left to my own devices which suited me perfectly - I simply carried on with the routine of shopping/taking pictures/eating. 

As an early birthday gift/day Jessica surprised me with a jam packed day of sophistication. 
We started out with afternoon tea in the Waldorf which went down a treat! I ordered the Jasmine and Pearl tea - which after a few sips tasted more like perfume, and so we then shared Jessicas much more appealing flavour of chocolate and nut which was an amazing tea/hot chocolate hybrid. 
The tea was accompanied by various flavoured finger sandwiches followed by a beautiful tiered tray of desserts and scones; all of which were halved for ultimate taste testing of course! 

 With stuffed tummies we decided to stroll around the covent garden area - stumbling half by chance upon Somerset House and so of course I had to whip out the camera and snag a few shots. The lighting was so beautiful, how could anyone resist? 

 I did mention we ate our way around London right? As the feeling of Christmas dinner stuffed began to fade following our walk we obviously needed to refuel and what better way to do so then with Shake Shack? 
*Looking at this picture is bringing me as close as I will ever come to drooling over food*
 My early birthday day did not end there though - Jessica then brought me to the Royal Opera House for a ballet. So much sophistication in one day *Minus the shake shack*
We went to see Onegin, which I would definitely recommend for any ballet nubes like myself - the story line was easy to follow and it was short enough to keep me interested the whole way through - anyone who has also seen the nutcracker will understand that sometimes ballets can be a little too long. 

As my week was so relaxed I didn't really pull my camera out all that often and so am only left with a few photographs. But this was definitely one of my favourite trips to London, as I saw the city through a much less touristy eye - something I wish I could experience in every city I visit. 



  1. Oh, everything looks delicious! And I'm dying for Jessica's headpiece. Where is it from?

    1. Thank you! She received so many compliments on it that day, I believe she bought it in Zara a while ago - but forever 21 have similar pieces in store at the moment!

  2. The photos in this post are marvelous! Especially the shots at Somerset House!

    x hercely

  3. This looks like such the perfect weekend. Very envious you went to the ballet! Gorgeous pictures. That burger looks too inviting

  4. Liberties has to be the prettiest department store ever!! You look like you had such a quintessentially english time with your afternoon tea and the square sandwiches with the crusts cut off! <3

    Em x


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